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Here is a list of Technical Trimix Instructors in the Midwest


Michael Haynes

  Milwaukee WI
Advanced Tri Mix Instructor  -  262-251-8283

In 1986, the Underwater Connection offered a Discover Scuba Experience at North Middle School in Menomonee Falls…and I took them up on that offer. Those few minutes in the pool had me hooked. I didn't know how, or when, or in what capacity scuba diving would be a part of my life, but I knew it would be a BIG part of my life. Since then I have had the great privilege to train over 1000 divers, travel to wonderful exotic locations, explore some incredible shipwrecks, and make some great friends along the way. As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and a TDI Trimix Instructor, I get the opportunity to train divers in a wide range of courses, but nothing compares with introducing someone to the underwater world for the first time with the Discover Scuba Experience. It certainly had a big impact on me!
Number of Years Diving (certified since): 13 (certified 1994)
Highest Certification Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/ TDI Trimix Instructor
Instructor Since: 1996

Keith Cormican

 Lake Wazee, Black River Falls WI
Adv Tri-mix Instructor  -  715-284-5181

Keith Cormican: Keith grew up moving around the world as his dad was completing an active career in the U.S. Air force. The Cormicans came to settle in the Midwest in Merrillan Wisconsin in 1973. Keith grew up spending his summers swimming and helping out on his grandparents farm.. Keith graduated from Lincoln High School in Alma Center. He started Cormican Milk Hauling and ran this business for 12 years. During this time he also started Cormican Tree and Landscape with a very successful career for 13 years. Keith was certified in Scuba in 1991. At this time he would go out to Wazee Lake diving and could see the need for a full time Dive Center. He started Wazee Sports Center in 1996. Upon opening the store he started assisting an instructor as a Dive Master until he was able to complete his education to become an instructor. Keith has worked his way to Instructor for: Open Water I, Open Water II, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Medic First Aid, Oxygen Coarse, Dry Suit Diver, Ice Diver, Ship Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Dive Master, Nitrox Diver, Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures, Technical Diving, Adv Trimix instructor.

Madison, Wisconsin
608-347-2822 cell
Advanced Trimix Instructor

Tamara Thomsen is one of a handful of female technical diving instructors, teaching advanced cave, rebreather and mixed-gas diving. Her expertise in scientific diving has allowed her to participate in expeditions around the world- discovering, photographing and documenting submerged caves and shipwrecks. In addition to her photography and scientific work, she manages the American Office of Delta P Technology Ltd. (makers of the VR Dive Computer, Ouroboros and Sentinel Rebreathers).  Owning Diversions Scuba in Madison, Wisconsin since 1995, she teaches a full range of TDI and IANTD technical diving classes



Mike McKay

 Advanced TriMix Instructor -

Mike is an TDI  ,SDI  IANTD Technical instructor and one of the best divers in the Great Lakes today. He has taught hundreds trimix students over the years to become better more self sufficant divers through practical trining right here in the Great Lakes.

Among his many dives Mike has made dives where very few others have gone like the Carl D Bradley (370ffw) & Aurania (440ffw)

If your looking for training in Michigan you can feel secure in mike’s hands !



Ron Benson

 Advance Trimix Instructor - 763-424-8717 

I Started diving as a NAUI Jr. Open Water certification in 1974, became active with a group of advanced divers called the Argonauts.  1978 NAUI Assistant Instructor, 1982 YMCA Scuba Instructor, 1984 attended Divers Institute of Technology for deep see commercial diving, 1985-1990 worked Vet's Salvage as commercial diver, 1985 PADI Scuba Instructor, 1986 U.S. Coast Guard charter captain, operated Lake Superior North Shore shipwreck charter service 1985-1995, 1986 Authored Ice Diving Techniques a manual for diving under ice, 1991 PADI Medic First Aid Instructor, 1992 PADI Master Scuba Instructor, 1993 opened Going Under Dive Center, 1994 IANTD Nitrox Instructor, 1995 & 1996 trained with Tom Mount in Miami Florida for IANTD Technical Nitrox - Trimix diver certification, 1996 IANTD Nitrox Instructor Trainer,  1997 cave diver training Ginny Springs Florida,  1997 Technical EANx & Gas Blending Instructor, 1997 Founding member of Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society, 1997 DAN Oxygen First Aid Instructor, 1998 TDI Nitrox - Extended Range Instructor, 1999 Dräger Rebreather Instructor,  1999 TDI Trimix Instructor, 2000 Founded MN chapter of Classic Heavy Equipment Operators Group for Mk V deep see gear,   SDI Instructor Trainer, 2001 Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather -Inspiration, Trained with Tom Mount -Full Cave Closed Circuit Rebreather, 2002 Inspiration Fully Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor, Normoxic Trimix CCR Instructor.  2003 Megalodon CCR Instructor, Trimix Level III CCR Instructor, NAUI Deep Stop Decompression Workshop, KISS CCR Instructor. Currently working on Archeological Assessment of Shipwreck Gunilda located in Rossport Ontario,   1975-2003 logged 4500+ dives....

If your serious about CCR training give Ron a call !


Rick Kruzel 

Advanced TriMix Instructor - 419-290-0014
Toledo, OH
(teaches all over great lakes )


Let me briefly relate how I got interested in technical diving. It’s not a unique story, so you may be able to identify with my experiences.  Originally certified in the mid-1970’s, by the mid-90’s I was an avid diver taking trips to the Caribbean as well as more regional trips. I was actively teaching all levels of recreational scuba courses as well. I discovered wreck diving in the Great Lakes was quickly becoming my favorite form of relaxation. However, I found I wanted more. More bottom time, more wrecks, and more pristine wrecks. In order to fulfill my dream, I needed to venture outside the world of recreational diving and learn about decompression diving and utilizing a variety of breathing gasses.
Since getting into technical diving, I have visited wrecks all around the Great Lakes. I have had the pleasure and honor of visiting some of the best shipwrecks in the world. I have had the opportunity to stretch myself and accomplish things I never thought possible. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and diving with some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet, many of whom have become not just dive buddies, but lifelong friends.

I love the Great Lakes and their wrecks so much; I decided to share the experience with others. I offer Nitrox Diver, Wreck Diver, Advanced Wreck Diver, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix Diver, Advanced Trimix Diver, Nitrox Gas Blender, and Advanced Gas Blender courses. If you have interest in, or questions about technical diving email or call me !


Tyler Bradford
 Rebreather Instructor to Advanced Trimix and Advanced Trimix 
Instructor Trainer

TDI and SDI Instructor Trainer and a NAUI Technical Instructor.

It is our goal to provide you with the best possible training available whether it's at the diver or instructor level. We also strive to put together safe and truly memorable expeditions.

To us training is a journey and should be enjoyed. We will work with you to establish a solid skills foundation that is suitable for the level of training you are engaged in. Once this is done, a training schedule will be mapped out that will allow you to achieve your future diving objectives.

Divers progress at different paces. Some require a little more time to become proficient at skills and we recognize that. It's for this very reason that many of the courses we offer exceed the minimum dive numbers and in some cases by as much as 100%. We strongly believe in ensuring that you can competently execute all the skills required at a certain level before progressing on. This builds confidence and self reliance.

When it comes to instructor training, whether it's on a recreational or technical level, we strive to build mastery of skills and also the ability to teach those skills to students at a pace that they will find both stimulating and enjoyable.

Expedition Diving is what we have become known for. The Empress of Ireland has been a major focus for the past several years, but we also run expeditions to some of the most remote locations on earth. Regardless of the location, your safety and enjoyment are our primary goals.

Whether you are a student, instructor candidate, or a seasoned technical diver, you have an expectation that we will provide you with either thorough training or a well structured expedition, and we won't disappoint you. I guarantee it!

Tyler Bradford






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